Michael Costello

Co-producer, Scoreboard Director, Video Editor

Michael is a long-standing member of Northern Access Television, having started with the group in 1995, and gradually learned the diffferent crew roles “on the job” on the group’s many different productions. Michael has produced a number of short series and one-off programs for C31 Melbourne, including programs on Public Transport, Transport Museums, Local Community Groups and assisted in the production of a program on the topic of Inline Skating. He has also assisted C31 Melbourne as a Presentation Operator. Through Michael’s volunteer involvement in the Prahran Cricket Club, he was given the opportunity to help enhance the use of the Video Scoreboard for the 2015 event, and then in 2016, this expanded to involve NAT members and a TV show.


David McLauchlan

Co-producer, Vision Switcher / Director, Technical Director

David McLauchlan is another long standing member of Northern Access TV and came to the group from a background in Radio Technical Work. He adapted and developed his skills to TV Technical skills through involvement with the group, and has produced and directed a wide variety of content for broadcast, including programs on local community groups and religious topics. David has also assisted C31 Melbourne in general, both as a Studio Technician and also as a Presentation Operator.


Brian Smith

Program Host

Brian Smith was a TV reporter who started his work at GMV 6 Shepparton, then moving to various different places until landing at GTV 9 Melbourne as a Sport reporter for many years. Michael met Brian at the GMV 6 Reunion, and since then, he has assisted us with a few different projects, including Michael’s “Regional TV Australia” website. He agreed to join our crew for the 2016 Stonnington Gift as the Program Host and Interviewer, and did a great job in that role for us.


Stephanie Mollica

VAL Commentator & Athlete

Stephanie is an athlete in the Victorian Athletic Leauge, currently taking a break from competition after the birth of her first child. To keep her hand in the sport, she took up commentating, and has done this for the crowd at many VAL events, including her first solo commentating job at the 2016 Trinity Gift. Stephanie agreed to assist us with some tidying up of loose ends on the show by doing some extra commentary and voiceover work for the TV show, and did a great job for us.


Cartha McKerrow

VAL Commentator and Interviewer

Cartha is a well known commentator for the crowd at Victorian Athletic League events, filling this role at a number of events during the year including the Stawell Gift, Ballarat Gift and Stonnington Gift. Cartha has been the commentator at the Stonnington Gift for a number of years and in 2016, he made his TV debut calling these events. He also assisted us by helping us record interviews at the Ballarat Gift in the lead up to the Stonnington Gift, and did a great job in both roles.