Northern Access Television Sport is on the lookout for sporting events that would like live streaming, video production and TV shows made for them

If you have a grass roots sporting event that needs coverage, Northern Access Television Sport is interested in covering it for you. We are especially interested in expanding our coverage of the VAL events during the year, and would welcome your interest as to how we can help.

Our coverage is flexible, and can be simple one camera edited or live productions, right though to multi-camera productions, complete with relevant graphics and information. We have experience in feeding large video screens, and we are good at adapting the same video coverage for multiple purposes. At the Stonnington Gift, our video feed provides Live Video Screen Feed, Live Internet Streaming, Race Replays, Interviews and TV Shows, all adapted to suit the audience it is going to, and the medium it uses.

TV Shows can be produced about your event for C31 Melbourne. Our Live Streaming is offered via YouTube Live, but we can also hook up to other streaming services if you prefer. Streaming and videos can be posted to our YouTube account for you to directly link to, or we can arrange to post the content to your own channels if desired.

We usually only have a few events for coverage a year, so we have plenty of time to spend on your coverage to help it look its best!

Let Northern Access Television Sport build a package of Video Coverage to suit your objectives and budget.


To contact, please contact the two main producers:-

Michael Costello

Phone: 041 11 22 967
Web:- VideBus Website

David McLauchlan

Phone:- 0430 314 213
Web:- Diversity Media Website

You can also visit the Main Northern Access Television website for details of other members and producers.